IHI (International Halal Integrity Alliance)


Senior Manager Halal Standards & Systems of International Halal Integrity Alliance (IHIA)

IHIIn October 2010, a team from International Integrity Halal Alliance travelled to Japan to provide training to Japan Halal Association in Osaka. Our trip, schedule and visits were all carefully taken care by Miyako International Tourists.
Despite the lack of halal food and facilities in Japan, Miyako staff went extra miles to meet our needs and enabling us to fulfill all aspects of our religious belief. They paid attention to every detail and made sure we had halal food in every restaurant and even during business lunches companies were already aware of our requirements.

Not only praying facilities were available but also praying mats were provided.Despite the limited time for tourism, some sightseeing was arranged for us as a very nice break and still making sure everything was according to Islamic standards.

I would recommend Miyako International Tourist, the only halal tour in Japan, for any Muslim wishing to visit Japan and discover the Japanese fascinating and unique culture, or for those coming for business.